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Successful People Have One Thing In Common


What they should have taught your child in school about mentoring, but didn't.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook 

Former Apple Inc. CEO, the late Steve Jobs, served as a mentor to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Steve Jobs showed him how he could build a great team...

Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah says that Maya Angelou, a celebrated author and poet helped guide her through many important milestones in her life and commented that she doesn’t think anyone in this world makes it without having a great mentor.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates helped achieve his billionaire success from Warren Buffet. Gates credits Buffet for teaching him how to deal with tough situations and how to think long term.

Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.”

Branson asked British airline entrepreneur, Sir Freddie Laker, for guidance during his struggle to get Virgin Atlantic off the ground.

Mentors Guide 8.5x11x0.5-PBNR1-15 Text V

'Get It Together Mentor Guidecan change the path of a young adult from disaster to success.

All it takes is one simple action. Decide to get involved TODAY. Download now. It's FREE!

Imagine what the world would be like if people chose not to get involved.

To say that they’re too busy or too important to mentor young adults…

  • Bob Dylan would have never met and been mentored by musician Woody Gutherie (“This Land Is Your Land’), he would never have had the courage to move to New York City and be discovered.


  • Astronaut and former U.S. Senator, John Glenn would not have been mentored by his high school civics teacher, and never been the first human to visit space and safely return to earth.


  • Ansel Adams would not have been mentored and encouraged by his father to pursue his passion for photography. The world would be without his beautiful black and white landscape photographs of the American West.


  • Famous fashion designer Christian Dior would not have mentored Yves St. Laurent at the age of 21, and the iconic brand known as YSL would have never been created.


  • Luther Powell would have never taken the time to mentor and coach his son U.S. Army General Colin Powell, and America would have been denied the genius of his leadership in battle and government.


  • The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, would have never been mentored by Warren Buffet, and the “age of technology” as we know it would have never been born.


  • Dr. Arthur Walker would have never encouraged physicist and astronaut Sally Ride to apply to NASA’s astronaut corps, and she would not have become the first American woman in space.


  • Virgin Group co-founder Richard Branson would not have been influenced by Sir Freddie Laker, and the multinational conglomerate Virgin Atlantic would have never gotten off the ground.


  • Actor and director Clint Eastwood’s grandmother would not have mentored and encouraged him to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor, and we would have never been introduced to “Dirty Harry” on the big screen

Think about what the world would be like if ordinary people chose not to give of themselves when asked to be a mentor by a young adult. Exactly!!


The world would have been denied the accomplishments and talents of so many  incredible people.


How about you?


Isn’t it time you made a difference in a young adults life? DOWNLOAD now.

With your help, Get It Together will teach your child:

  • The importance of building a team of people who are successful in their own right, who they and others respect highly, and from whom they can learn and grow.


  • About traditional values like working hard, honoring their commitments to themselves and others, the rewards of volunteerism, and the importance of moderation in all aspects of their lives.


  • How to communicate with people including; parents, teachers, police, military personnel, and other figures of authority.


  • Important things to know like; what it means to be a citizen of the United States, their rights versus entitlements, how to fly and fold the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and National Anthem.


  • The best way to select and gain admission to the right college, and how to pay for it.


  • How to find a good job, including; how to write a resume, how to interview by phone or in-person, and how to be a valued employee.


  • About money and how to manage it, including; the magic of compound interest, understanding credits and debits, how to open a bank account, writing checks, managing a credit card, and saving for the future.


  • The “value” of protection, and why they need to own insurance policies like; health, auto, renters/homeowners, moving, disability, and life.


  • How to start their life outside of the home including; finding an apartment, selecting the right roommate, how to budget and buy “smart”, eating healthy, and the “costs” of alcohol.


  • Other important life skills like; how to find the right doctor and dentist, buying a car, voting, making travel arrangements, doing laundry, cooking meals at home.


…and much more.

Scott Paly

About Scott Paly

Scott Paly

I wrote "Get It Together" to help young people obtain vital tips they need to be Successful Adults and to make a difference in my community and our nation.

After exiting my internet security company, I wished to do something to give back that had the potential to reach more people than volunteering for a few organizations. I’d noticed from my personal and business interactions and from the daily news, that often people didn’t practice some of the values that helped me be successful or have the knowledge to give them the opportunity to achieve success.


That's why I want to help your child mentor their way to success. I'm giving away my Mentor Guide for FREE - a $24.95 value. So download it now! 

Scott, a married father of two daughters, currently provides advice to entrepreneurs, runs a real estate investment company, a small farm and a glassblowing studio.

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