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The road to success is wide open for them. Give them what it takes to succeed in life. 

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Modern life is like one big obstacle course

Without the right help, one minute they have all the aspirations under the sun, the next they’re settling for a mediocre life. For teens and young adults, making the right decisions and choosing the right path is more confusing than ever. 

It would be frustrating to watch a young person give up on their dreams and even more so because of a simple lack of guidance. 

Our youth are bombarded with choice, but instead of burying their head in a book, planning a successful path, they’re glued to their Smartphones. And while the digital world is entertaining and educational, it can also be a distraction from essential practical lessons in life. 

Whatever they want in life, it makes sense to start looking at the bigger picture early on, to help their path of success become easier. That’s what we’re here for, right? 

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The crucial stuff they no longer teach in schools

Remember back in the day when we 
were taught the basics in School? Home economics taught us how to cook and manage our homes. Shop class taught us how to build stuff and work with tools. Social studies helped us understand our communities. 

School made sure we had the basics covered on how to live in our world. These days, the majority of teens and young adults don’t know how to write a check let alone manage household bills. 


They’re lacking the crucial skills they need to develop individually and professionally. After all, being digitally savvy isn’t quite the same as being switched on to thriving in the real world. 

And the worst part? Schools think the responsibility lies with parents and parents think these lessons should be taught in schools. 

So young people get the rough end of the stick, winding up with shocking gaps in their knowledge and an inability to function as mature adults and sometimes getting into big trouble along the way.

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I wrote ‘Get It Together’ to teach young people vital tips they need to be Successful Adults

Hi, I’m Scott Paly (with Zeke) and I’ve experienced success and want others to as well. I’m a successful entrepreneur, businessman, husband and father. I lead a full and rewarding life. And I truly believe that successful people have common traits that aren’t being taught in schools these days – culture, commitment, work ethic, knowledge, vision, organization, great communication skills and a clear path.

Kids might know how to use every app ever invented, but most don’t understand the true meaning of a hand shake, or how to conduct themselves in an interview, so how can they ever apply themselves in real life and achieve their goals?

But success isn’t just about having more than someone else or a lot of money in the bank. It’s how you live your life, what you prioritize, your morals, the way you interact with people and how you enrich your own time here while influencing others too. Success is happiness and enjoying life confidently. 

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What an awesome gift for any young person about to embark on their journey into adulthood. I purchased the book as a gift for a brilliant young man about to head off to college. His mother had shared that her son had expressed some apprehension about being prepared to live on his own, and this book was just the ticket. Not long after, I received a text informing me that her son couldn't put the book down ... Well done!!!”  


“Really wish I'd read a book like this when I was younger. I'm 37 now and have been learning a lot of what Mr. Paly is teaching in Get It Together the hard way, by trial and error, with very little mentor-ship or guidance. I'm especially enjoying the budgeting and finance section, as saving money has always been difficult for me. My partner and I sit and review this chapter regularly and have already started implementing some of Paly's suggestions.”

This is an effective and instructive guide book for youngsters. It's not only practical in preparation for their future, but appropriate information for all ages. This well-planned manual contains significant advice for guidance counselors, teachers and social workers. Great teaching tool.”



The road to success is rarely smooth, but with "Get It Together" it can be simpler

We all have a unique path in life, but sometimes the road can seem hard and sometimes unfair. Help set your teen or young adult on a straight path to success with Get It Together.

The book is split into four, easy-to-absorb sections, helping young people shape their future by filling in all the gaps in their knowledge. 

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Culture What type of person does your child need to be in order to succeed? How can they fit in and who do they ask for help?

College & Jobs  How to get into the right college, enter the workforce with little or no debt, get a job and how to be successful there.



Finances Manage checking, savings, credit, credit score, taxes, insurance and legal documents

Daily Living How to be and select a good roommate, buying smart, renting a place to live, getting a passport, buying a car, personal security, setting up a kitchen, cooking for yourself, even doing laundry…and more.


Discover the guiding light

teens and young adults need to shine...

We all deserve to lead a good, satisfying life and find our calling, whatever that may be.


It’s the exact reason I wrote “Get It Together”, to help teens and young adults of today take control of their lives and feel encouraged to chase their dreams, with direction. ‘Get It Together’ is a life skills guide that teaches how to: 

Take advantage of the opportunities that the land of the free offers. 

Reap the benefits of hard work and taking account 
of one’s responsibilities.

Make the right decisions so that things can fall into place. 

Secure a place in college without racking up 
endless debt

Nail a job interview with the right skills and attitude. 

Manage finances to allow saving for the future.

Set goals that will help put someone on the right path.

Build a network of mentors for advice and encouragement. 

and so much more...

The key purpose of this book is to help teens, tweens and young adults live life confidently and competently. This book will show them how to develop essential life skills that will help them excel in whatever goals they pursue.

Start a new chapter.

Turn the page and transform your teen’s or young adult’s life today.


Let’s be clear – this book doesn’t have all the answers. Nothing in life does. But it does have a tried, tested and trusted way of preparing and equipping young people with the basic tools they need to lead stable, successful, adult lives. 

Parents, grandparents, guardians can use my book to engage with their young people and share lessons they’ve learned in life. The book isn’t about preaching-it’s about providing knowledge to them to take control of their lives.

Let’s go back to basics. Paperback basics. Grab a copy of ‘Get It Together’ and go back to what matters most – stability, goal setting and success. Help your young person transition into adulthood with as little stress as possible and ensure they achieve every dream they ever had.  

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Wherever you are, kids need help. The more people that are actively encouraging teens and young adults to be responsible, moral, American citizens, the better chance we have at creating a stable, successful generation. 

Attention educators, youth group leaders, therapists, clergy & mentors


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