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This Life Changing New Book Will Help Him Or Her Become A Confident, Competent And Successful Adult…

Everyone Starts Out With Big Dreams...You Can Help Make Your Child's Dreams Come True!

The sad reality is that most people’s dreams of an incredible life quickly fade away when they become adults. The truth is that most adults are just barely getting by.

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Did You Know...

…35% of all adults in the U.S. only have several hundred dollars (less than $1,000) in their savings accounts, and 34% have zero savings.

According to a new report from the Federal Reserve Board, four in ten Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense.
…the average student loan debt for Class of 2017 graduates was $39,400*, up 6% from the previous year… (and up over $10,000 in the past 5 years, since 2012).

​If You Are One Of The 84%
Of Americans That Have
Less Than $10,000 In Your
Savings Account,
It’s Not Your Fault.

If you’re like most Americans, no one helped you prepare for the bumpy road called life. A long time ago they used to have home economics class in high school. It covered the most basic mechanics of running a household. It taught you things like cooking, sewing, and managing a check book.


It may not have covered everything but at least it was something.


But for some reason, home economics class has vanished from high school curriculum. And the kids today are not even close to being prepared for dealing with the real world.


How Will Your Child Survive?


Every Parent Or Guardian
Wants Their Child To Do
Well In Life…

A successful life rarely happens by
accident. There’s always that driving force
that nudged, guided, encouraged and
provided the necessary tools along the

And just like building a house, if you want
your child to build a successful life…a life
to be proud of and feel excited about…
they need the tools to build a sound

So if you care about your child’s future,
it’s time to push him or her out of their
Safe Space.

I wrote Get It Together: Cultural and
Practical Tips to Be a Successful Adult 
to help you do just that.

My name is Scott Paly.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, businessman
and corporate executive. I’ve had a very
successful, full and rewarding life. And in
my book, Get It Together, I share my best
advice for taking control, living a good life
and succeeding in whatever ventures your
children pursue.


Many teens, tweens and young adults end up on the wrong path. They spend too so much time on social media and video games that they never learn how to be responsible and communicate in an adult world. They have no idea how to take care of themselves, and no clue how to accelerate and prosper in life.


What an awesome gift for any young person about to embark on their journey into adulthood. I purchased the book as a gift for a brilliant young man about to head off to college. His mother had shared that her son had expressed some apprehension about being prepared to live on his own, and this book was just the ticket. Not long after, I received a text informing me that her son couldn't put the book down ... Well done!!!”  


“Really wish I'd read a book like this when I was younger. I'm 37 now and have been learning a lot of what Mr. Paly is teaching in Get It Together the hard way, by trial and error, with very little mentor-ship or guidance. I'm especially enjoying the budgeting and finance section, as saving money has always been difficult for me. My partner and I sit and review this chapter regularly and have already started implementing some of Paly's suggestions.”

This is an effective and instructive guide book for youngsters. It's not only practical in preparation for their future, but appropriate information for all ages. This well-planned manual contains significant advice for guidance counselors, teachers and social workers. Great teaching tool.”



The book is made
up of 4 essential

Let’s face it…young people today don’t have the basic character and social etiquette that were commonplace not so long ago.


For instance, many don’t honor a handshake anymore. And keeping your word seems optional.

The lessons in this book reflect the values that I, and most successful people, cherish and live by.


Get It Together is the perfect book for teens, tweens and young adults who are transitioning into adulthood and want to forge a path filled with successful outcomes.


And if your teen, tween or young adult has dreams and want those dreams to have a fair chance to come true, I would highly recommend that they learn, adopt and adhere to the values conveyed in this book.


Culture What kind of person and what values does your child need to be to be able to succeed? How to pick the right friends and protect their reputation in the world of social media. How do they build the right team to help them on their way?

College & Jobs How to get in the right college and minimize debt, plus resumes, interviewing, entering and succeeding in the workforce.



Finances How to manage checking, savings, and credit card accounts, avoiding debt problems, saving for the future, income tax filing, understanding necessary insurance and legal documents.

Daily Living How to get things done, buying smart, eating smart, being (and finding) a good roommate, renting an apartment, buying airplane tickets, how to get a passport, buying and taking care of a car, setting up a kitchen and cooking for yourself…and more.


In this book you'll discover:

What makes America so exceptional…and why so many people in all parts of the world have risked life and limb to get here.

How personal responsibility, hard work, honoring commitments and volunteerism can set you apart and put you on a path to success.

How our founding fathers “got it right” in creating a system of government for and by the people to promote freedom, democracy so ideas and innovation can flourish.

Why America has always been, and still remains, the bastion of freedom and opportunity unlike any place  on the planet.

How little decisions you make today can determine your financial security in the future.

How to get into your dream college without taking on unmanageable debt.

How to present yourself well in a face to face job interview.

How to understand and manage your finances no matter how old you are or how complicated they become.

How to set goals and create healthy life habits that will help you achieve your goals.

How to build a life-long support team around you to help you overcome obstacles and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

The key purpose of this book is to help teens, tweens and young adults live life confidently and competently. This book will show them how to develop essential life skills that will help them excel in whatever goals they pursue.

GET IT TOGETHER helps make common sense common practice.


This Book Will Help You Prepare Your Teens, Tweens And Young Adults To Make It On Their Own!... 

And Not Just To Survive, But THRIVE!

This hands-on book will help them take control of their life and will provide them with the foundation they need to build a full and prosperous life.

Don't Procrastinate! Take action NOW! Help the teens, tweens and young adults that you care about begin living the life they want... the life they deserve! 

Wherever you are, kids need help. The more people that are actively encouraging teens and young adults to be responsible, moral, American citizens, the better chance we have at creating a stable, successful generation. 

Attention educators, youth group leaders, therapists, clergy & mentors.


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