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What chance does your teen have?

What chance does your teen have to lead a successful life? Who does your teen turn to for advice and guidance? Parents usually have a hard time with these questions.

Like so many families, your child usually has a deaf ear when you try to share your life experiences with them in the hopes of giving them a leg up in life.

The facts are, that today’s teens are being raised in and by social media and influenced by their friends. Many are not taught life-skills they need as they transition into young adults.

Hi, I’m Scott Paly – entrepreneur and author and I want to share with you the ideas, tips and mentoring skills that allowed me to retire by my late 30’s. I’ve made 4 short videos where I talk about the importance of mentoring and my definition of success.

Take a moment to watch “Leading a Successful Life” (under 2 minutes) – my advice might help you get through to that young adult, who is all-important in your life.

All the best,

Scott Paly

P.S. Click here to watch out-takes from a conversation with entrepreneur and author Scott Paly about teens transitioning into young adults. Scott's book 'Get It Together' covers topics not generally taught in high schools and talks about why today's teens need mentors.

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