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  • Scott Paly

An American tragedy

I'm Scott Paly. Throughout my over 40 years of building a life for myself and my family, I knew one thing that I needed to keep doing to become successful.

But before I tell you what that is, I’ll share with you my definition of success:

It’s not how much money you have. It’s about pursuing your passion and doing it well.

If you fulfill your passion, you don’t have to be rich. You just need to be more careful how you spend what you earn and how you save for the things you need, and for retirement. If you can achieve this, then in my opinion you are a success.

Young people today gauge money as the litmus test for success. TV, social media and ads are all about the “bling.” It’s a false picture.

Our kids spend money on the “now” without understanding about saving for the future, buying a car or a home, dealing with an emergency, family needs or saving for retirement.

I believe our children want to be mentored. My passion is to help our high schools create mentoring programs that teach life skills our kids need, as they transition into young adults.

Today, our children need mentors who share their life experiences, give guidance and provide advice. And that’s why I wrote “Get It Together” – a guide for teens looking for practical tips and advice covering subjects normally not taught in schools.

Now my secret reveal.

  • I work on it every day.

  • It doesn’t come easy, never has.

  • But it’s what allowed me to retire by my late 30’s.

It’s called discipline!

Yep, not something a teen wants to hear about.

That’s why my book “Get It Together” is written in a fun way. A young adult can transform on his or her own, without a big lecture or being pushed away. I write about real life situations, which motivates teens to start thinking about how they would approach and interact if they were in that same situation.

What's the American tragedy? Most Americans don't have $10,000 cash saved up for retirement!

Take a moment to watch this 60 second video where I talk about choices in life.

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