Recently there has been a hashtag that is taking over social media. #Adulting. You see it everywhere. Young Adults posting about their day and how they are doing at being an adult.

It's a tough, complicated world out there, but if our teenagers learn now how to navigate the basics of being an adult, they will have much more success and much less struggle than the people in the world that were never taught these skills. 

"Get It Together...Cultural and Practical Tips to 
be a Successful Adult"
should be trending with 
#Adulting too because it is the book teenagers need for navigating the new phase of life they will be going into soon that we could have used when we were young. This book encapsulates most of the important things that they will need to know.

Positive Change For Our

Younger Generations...

There are a lot of things our young people need to learn fast when they go off to college or leave home to work. With 
enough knowledge, your young person 
can navigate successfully and avoid 
making big mistakes. 

Get It Together was written to effect positive change in the country and educate our young people so that they don't have to struggle and feel lost. They will have the tools they need and the knowledge to do what they need to do...and the team in place to ask for support when they need it.

There was a time when life was centered around small communities with family as the central building block. Getting help along the way was fairly simple because people in the community knew you. Now it is easy to feel lost. Our children need to create a trusted support team of their own. 

Some topics covered in the book include...


Finding Your Team
How to find mentors and ask them to be on your support team and how to know who the best choices are.
Getting a Job
Successful interview guidelines for any format, how to land the job and how to move up the ladder. Also included is how to understand your paycheck as well as how to file your taxes



Traditional Values 
Includes topics such as honoring commitments and volunteering.


Interacting with Others
Guidelines to interacting with authority figures, being honest, sticking to your word and how to communicate well with others.


Finding the right college, applying and being accepted and how to pay for it. Tips on finding various finance options as well as how to know which ones are a scam and helpful websites to avoid long hours of research.
Set up checking and savings accounts, write checks and reconcile bank statements. Also included is how to apply for and get the right credit card and stay in control of it as well as how to save for the future while still enjoying today. 


Information on various insurance policies including car, health, renters, life


Legal Documents
Often overlooked but simple documents needed in the event of an emergency.


Renting an Apartment 
and Having a Roommate


Tips on how to rent an apartment and live with someone new and how to respect each other's privacy and personal items. Also an outline of the basic tools to have on hand to fix simple things.


 Tips for car care and also how to book an airplane flight. 


Basics of Daily Living 
How to cook do laundry, iron, find a doctor and dentist.
Support for Parents 
and Educators...

So many parents, teachers, counselors and coaches are having the conversation about how our children are not getting what they need from the school system in order to be independent and capable in real life. Sure, they are getting an education, but the element that is missing is how to handle day to day basics.

"Get It Together...Cultural and Practical Tips to be a Successful Adult" is gaining enthusiasm in multiple K-12 school districts. These districts are piloting a Life Skills course for HS students and using the book as their guide. The reviews are very positive! Teachers that did not have this book previously are thankful that it is in print now as you can see from Mike Christie's statement below. 

Mike is a former Junior Achievement Volunteer who spent hundreds of hours in the classroom teaching high school students. He also served as Board Chair for the Southwest Connecticut Chapter of JA for 3 years.

After reading Get It Together, Mike said; 

“If only I had this book to share with my students when I was teaching. The information is invaluable for young people who are struggling with what to do, and how to do it. This book would make an amazing course for high school students in their junior or senior year. And it would be a godsend for the teachers.”

If only I had this book to share with my students when I was teaching.

The information is invaluable for young people who are struggling with what to do, and how to do it.

The evidence is crystal clear - 'Get It Together' is making a BIG impact not only on the lives of the young adults it touches, but on those who’ve chosen to help through mentoring them.

This Get It Together book is designed to support parents in having those conversations with their children, to help teachers instruct their students and to help our children grow up to be smart and independent adults that are capable of handling the new responsibilities that come along with this new role in life.

The goal of the book is to teach our children how to take control of their life and learn to make good decisions. If they don't know how to do something and they feel silly asking someone to explain something basic, they won't learn. This book gives them permission to find the right people to support them that they are confident in and willing to get answers from.

This is a great avenue to our children learning the things they need to know but don't want to ask.

The book also includes fun and interesting exercises to prompt deeper consideration on
a personal level about what was just taught. 

Get It Together is an easy read. It is informational and educational and created in a format that is easy to understand and put the lessons into action.